Scrap Mechanic Download

Scrap Mechanic Download

Scrap mechanic is a massive sandbox indie game developed and published by Axolot Games. Scrap mechanic allows its players to create devices or machinery from different objects. There is no goal of the game and the main objective of the game is to construct anything the player desires.

The game play of Scrap mechanic is that the player can choose to make his\her own character after that there is a sequence in the game that shows that our character is an engineer that is transporting resources to other planet and after a drastic event the plane that is used to transport the resources is destroyed and our character is in the ship as well. The character survives the crash and he cannot contact the people on the other planet for help so he is stranded on it. Scrap mechanic download is available on only PC and not on other platforms such as the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) Microsoft Xbox One , Microsoft Xbox 360 and other platforms such as the OSX etc. On the planet the character lands there are robots that are farming resources, the objective of the player is to survive these robots by building devices and homes and is open to do anything with it.

In Scrap mechanic there are two types of modes of game play first mode is Campaign which has been described above and there is the other game mode in which the player must survive the onslaught of robots of the world in which we are stranded and there is the third game mode in which the player is free to create anything that he/she wishes.

The player in Scrap mechanic is equipped with multiple items which are standard for the player when the game starts. These items are listed below.

  • Sledge Hammer
  • Manual
  • Connect Tool
  • Lift
These tools help the player in all the situations in the game and apart from that the player also has different types of blocks that can be used to create anything the player wishes to. Scrap Mechanic can also be played on multiplayer meaning that you can play it with your friends and build anything with them. Scrap mechanic download is for PC and additional  content has been added.

Scrap mechanic is great for people who want to fulfill their need for building anything they want and scrap mechanic provides the unique platform for this. Scrap mechanic will launch more game plays in the future.

Scrap Mechanic Game play Screenshots

Scrap Mechanic Download

Scrap Mechanic Download

Scrap Mechanic Download

Scrap mechanic is available with high compression so that it is easy to download. Click on the link below to start downloading.

Filename: Scrap_Mechanic_zip
Size:2.0 GB
Version: 2.1.2
Scrap Mechanic Download

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