Super Hot Download

SuperHot Download

Super hot is an independently developed first person shooter game made by a team of people called The Super hot team. Super hot was an entry in a competition in which different other independent developers participated. Super hot team showcased their new first person shooter game to the people on the internet as it was a browser based game. The people at the convention praised the unique gameplay of Super hot and this made the team decide to develop a proper platform game. Super hot was available for download on 25th Feb 2016. Super hot download was compressed by the team from the start so that users can easily download it. After noticing the success of the game the team planned to launch the game on Xbox One as well and was released on  3rd May 2016. The game is available for download on Microsoft Windows 10 , Microsoft ,Windows XP , Microsoft Windows 7, Linux and Mobile devices such as an apk of the Android version or the Apple IOS file. Super hot download is available on all these devices.

Super hot download is free and is the full version of the game. Super hot story starts with a player that is on chat with his friends and one of the friends of the player sends him a copy of a game that he had found somewhere. The player executes the file and starts the game. As he is playing the game the player notices that the game is altering it self and is directly communicating with the player. This frightens the player and regrets the Super hot download that his friend gives him. The game continues and warns the player about not restarting the game and shows the player that he is inside the game. The main objective of the game is to survive the levels in the game. Super hot is a first person action shooter game like any other but there is a twist. The player has the ability to alter time. The player and the enemies in the game have the ability to manipulate time. 

Super Hot download consists of all the essential setups needed for download. These include Direct X, Visual Net Framework etc. The download of Super Hot is for all players.

Super Hot Gameplay Screenshots

SuperHot Download
SuperHot Download

Super Hot Download link

Super hot download is compressed so that it can be easily downloaded by anyone. Super Hot System Requirements are low and can be played by anyone.

Size: 500MB

SuperHot Download

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