Smite Download

Smite Download

Smite is a massive online fighting game that is closely related to The Defense of the Ancients or more commonly known as DOTA. Smite is developed by a Hi-Rez Studios and it is available on PC and Consoles such as the Playstation and Xbox. Smite consists of Gods which the player can choose from different groups which are from old civilizations such as Hindu Greek Chinese Roman Mayan Norse. Each of these groups have their own Gods or Immortals from the name they are known of.

In Smite each God have his/her own special powers upgrades and abilities. The player has a choice to choose any hero he/she wants for him to play but only one God can be taken in a match once. The setup of the game is kind of like an arena type. There is this huge arena and in it all the fighting takes place. There are two sides in a match. The players choose their own Gods and the side is assigned to them automatically. There are these paths in the games called lanes that lead to one side of the map to the other. In either sides there are these beasts called Titans who are the main point of both sides all the heroes spawn besides the Titan. Following the path from the titan to the other side of the map each lane has a defender called a phoenix which acts as a guardian of the lane and its objective is to deal massive damage to the Gods and the minions that accompany them.

The minions are NPC that are spawned from the Phoenix every 30 seconds and follow the path to the enemies phoenix and try to attack anything they find in their way.

Smite Download is completely free on both consoles and on PC and the game generates revenue from selling items for the Gods. There are suits that players buy to make their God stand out.

In Smite besides the lanes that are going from one end to the other in between these lanes there are jungles that are home to various creatures that the players kill to get gold and rank up their Gods as fast as possible.

Smite Download is compressed and is made in a smaller size for those people who have slow internet connections or those who are so eager to play it that they don't have much time.

With the addition of download of smite. A smite server status has been added so that users can check if smite servers are working or are shut down for maintainance.

Smite Game play Screenshots

Smite Download

Smite Download

Smite Download link

Smite is compressed to the maximum without any compromise to quality for a quick download for our visitors with slow internet connections. The file will be downloaded and the setup will start

Filename: Install_Smite.exe
Size:148 MB
Smite Download

Smite Server Status

Check out the Server Status of Smite by clicking on this link.

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