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Game of Thrones HD wallpapers download

Game of Thrones is a popular novel and a popular television series by George R.R Martin. Game of Thrones is called the Song of Light and Fire in the novel but all the aspects of the story is presented in the TV series and the novels as well. Today we are posting about yet another popular and adventure driven based series of Game of Thrones that not a lot of people know about. Game of Thrones has a graphic game that is developed by Tell Tail Games. Game of Thrones is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 , Xbox 360 This game is basically a point and click game that is made like the TV series with proper Seasons and Episodes. 

Tell Tail Games have developed this graphical novel and made it available for download. The game features a consequence system meaning that in the game the players are given certain choices that effect the games story line and the attitude of other NPCs towards the player. There have been only one season of Game of Thrones download for this is free and available here. Tell Tail Games have made other popular TV Series into games as well such as the popular game of The Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us and Tales from the Borderland.

Game of Thrones Season 1 of the Tell Tail Games follows the story of The Forresters of the Ironrath rule. This house is not present in the TV series but they have been mentioned in the novels. Game of Thrones download is compressed for players so that there is no hassle of time.

There are 5 characters that the players can play and all of these characters have their own story lines or they can appear in another characters story and the player can play from there. 

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Game of Thrones HD wallpapers download

Game of Thrones HD wallpapers download

Game of Thrones Download Link

Game of Thrones download is free and is compressed for faster download. Click on the link below to start downloading.
Size: 250 MB
Game of Thrones HD wallpapers download

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