Pokemon Go download

Pokemon Go Download

Pokemon Go is the latest game from the Pokemon franchise. The game uses augmented reality as the basis of gameplay. Pokemon Go download is available for both Android and IOS and will most probably not be included in the other platforms due to the game being augmented reality based thus requiring devices that are portable. The devices not supported by Pokemon Go are the Sony Playstation 4(PS4) Sony Playstation 3(PS3) Microsoft Windows PC Mac OS Microsoft Xbox and other desktop devices.

Pokemon Go is a game that is popular among fans for being able to play in real life. Meaning that players need to train capture and trade Pokemons by physically going to places where there are Pokemons scattered around the map. The game is free to play and available on APK and OS format. Pokemon Go is developed by Niantic a company that has made games available for download for alot of gamers out there for Microsoft Windows,Playstation and Xbox.

Pokemon Go when the game is downloaded and installed on the mobile device prompts the user to make and Avatar in which the user have the choice to choose its hair color makeup build faces etc. After the creation of the Avatar the game places the created avatar on the map of the current position of the user. The in built gaming engine of the new Pokemon Go scans the area for other nearby players and displays it to the user. The Pokemons in the Pokemon world are of different types such as earth type water type and fire type. These Pokemons are placed in areas of common places such as monuments and places where people usually meet. The Pokemon Go download is free to play with some in built ad system to generate revenue. The type of monetary value used in Pokemon Go is called dust and Candies these are used to download more powers for the Pokemons and are used to level them up. The download of Pokemon Go is available here for Android and IOS.

Just remember to stay safe when playing this augmented reality game.

Pokemon Go Gameplay Screenshots

Pokemon Go Download

Pokemon Go Download

*Recommended to download using your mobile phones.

Pokemon Go Download Android 

Pokemon Go Download is available here for Andorid APK. Just click on the link below and start playing

Filename: Pokemongo_download.apk
Size: 20 MB
Pokemon Go Download

Pokemon Go Download IOS 

Pokemon Go Download is available here for IOS. Just click on the link below and start playing

Filename: Pokemongo_download.ios
Size: 23 MB

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