Cities: Skylines Download

Cities Skylines Download

Cities: Skylines is simulation game developed by Colossal Order which is a lot like Sims and Sim city. The game is available on different platforms such as the Microsoft Windows, Linux, Xbox One, Playstation 4 PS4 ,Playstation 3 PS3 and Xbox 360. The port for the Xbox One version will give Cities: Skylines download but there has been no news of that yet. Cities: Skylines  is made using the Tilt Shift technique so that when the city is shown it looks realistic and gives more of a simulation look then a game.

Cities: Skylines download is available in the bottom of this page and the download also contains the mods of Cities: Skylines that gives players a free sandbox version of the game. This can be used to expand the city without any limits and with a huge amount of money. There are other mods.

Cities: Skylines starts with a 1 square kilometer of land with a bridge and flyover with some money. The objective of the player is to grow their cities. The City must be developed into different areas such as industrial commercial and residential areas. The download of Cities:Skylines is for all version of windows however it is not available on consoles such as Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstaion 4(PS4) and Playstaion 3 (PS3).

Cities: Skylines Gameplay Screenshots

Cities Skylines Download

Cities Skylines Download

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Cities: Skylines Download Link

Cities Skylines is made available for free download for all our visitors this is 100% working and a free download. Just click on the button below and download.

Size: 200MB
Version: 2.0
Cities Skylines Download

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