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Rust Download Wallpaper HD
Rust is a survival game that is developed by Facepunch Studios. Rust is available for download on on PC mac OS. PS4, PS3 and Xbox One. The objective of the game Rust is to survive the wilderness. In the early version of the games it was based on ARMA 2 with its zombie survival mod called DayZ. With the similarities of DayZ Rust had zombies as enemies but it was later changed to animals being the enemies instead of zombies. Rust download is free of charge and is in full version with all the added features. The way of survival in Rust is to craft items that are given in the open world using tools that the player needs to construct. Initially the tools that are given to the player is a Rock and a Torch. The Rock can be used to cut down trees to get lumber and such while the torch is used to fend off animals and to see things clearly at night.

 The game does not have any single player and is based on multiplayer. The player is connected online with all the other players all over the world. With the addition of surviving animals the player must defend against players. Players can team up with other player to make fortresses and team up with other players online. The added feature of the game is that throughout the world there are regular airdrops that drop items in the world. The main reason for this is for the players to fight for these resources resulting in fights. There are also radiation throughout the are that causes the players to die if they are exposed. The download of Rust is available here for free.  Players can craft bows and arrows using stuff scattered all around the map and newer items can be made using blueprints. this gives the players ability to develop new items and increase their chances of survival. Download Rust from the download link below.

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Rust Download Wallpaper HD
Rust Download Wallpaper HD

Download Rust for Free

Rust download is free and is direct without any hassle
Rust Download Wallpaper HD

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