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Overwatch is a multiplayer first person shooter game that is developed by Blizzard corporation. The same company that made the games like warcraft Overwatch is available for download. Overwatch was announced on BlizzCon 2014 and a beta was recently launched mainly to test out the load and the stress that the servers can take. With that people were anticipating the game there were a record 9 million people playing the game when the beta was launched and almost 9 million people downloaded Overwatch. Overwatch is set to be released on PC and consoles such as XboxOne and PS4.

Overwatch begins in the future in which the earth is in crisis and is overtaken by robots and humans are in trouble. For this reason the United Nations launched an organization called the Overwatch. Overwatch consists of heroes and their job is to safeguard humans and keep them safe. But that is not for long as the humans trust in the Overwatch is broken as there are various scenarios of corruption popping up in the world. The heroes of Overwatch are shocked and try to defend themselves but in vain. The heroes suspect that there is an inside person that is trying to tarnish their reputations. This becomes much clearer as one day the base of Overwatch is destroyed and in the process kills the leader of the Overwatch. The heroes of the Overwatch set out to stop the robots and in the process regain their reputations.

Overwatch is available for download for free and the multiplayer is working full. The multiplayer of Overwatch is based on 6 players on each side and the players can choose any hero they like but each hero has their own special abilities. These abilities can be used in the battlefield to change the tide of battle.

There are classes of heroes in which they belong to. The classes are as follows

  • Defense- They have increased defense and their abilites are like that.
  • Offense - They have increased attack speed and power for offense .
  • Support- They have special buffs to counter the enemies.
  • Tank- They have increased armor and attack to take damage while their team is safe.
The download of Overwatch is for everyone who enjoys first person shooter games.

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Overwatch free HD wallpapers 1080p Overwatch free HD wallpapers 1080p

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Overwatch download is free and is working 100% .


Overwatch free HD wallpapers 1080p

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