Battlefield 2 Download for PC

Battlefield 2 Download

Battlefield 2 is a first person shooter game with some aspects of strategy and role playing. Battlefield 2 is available for download for free without any charge.Battlefield 2 is available on PC, PS2.PS3.Xbox,Xbox 360,PS4 and Xbox One. Battlefield 2 is developed by EA DICE. Battlefield 2 is most popular because of its multiplayer and not so much because of its single player. Even though that is the case still the single player is really fun to play. The single player is based on 3 countries and the clash between them these countries are the US China and the made up faction called Middle East Coalition. The story takes place when the US and China are being invaded by the MEC and our soldier Jhon Peterson is in the front lines trying to fight the soldiers of Russia and MEC to stop the invasion. Battlefield 2 Download is available in the link below and as an added bonus we will be placing a download of both of its expansion packs called Euro Force and Armored Fury.

Battlefield 2 multiplayer is the main reason for the praise of its game. This was because from the start Battlefield was all about large scale battles and matches with all sorts of vehicles and players on the map fighting for their objectives. With the download of the expansion packs more vehicles and weapons were available to the player.

Battlefield 2 multiplayer is unique and advanced in such a way that the choice of characters in the game is based on the class of the soldier such as Medic Engineer Assault and Recon each of these soldiers have their own unique ability. The Medic provides first aid to soldiers. The Engineer provides mines rocket launchers and the ability to repair vehicles. The Assault class provides the pushing force to push back enemies using assault weapons and the Recon is provides eyes on the battlefield and provide sniper support.

Battlefield 2 Download is for those players who want to feel the reality of the battlefield from their homes and they can achieve this by downloading it from below.

Battlefield 2 Screenshots

Battlefield 2 Download
Battlefield 2 Download
Battlefield 2 Download

Battlefield 2 Free Download Link

Battlefield 2 free download link is below.

Filename: Battlefield_2_setup.exe
Size: 550MB
Battlefield 2 Download

Battlefield 2 Euro Force Download Link

Battlefield 2 Euro Force  free download link is below.

Filename: BF2_EF_setup.exe
Size: 250MB
Version: 1.9
Battlefield 2 Download

Battlefield 2 Armored Fury Download Link

Battlefield 2 Armored Fury free download link is below.

Filename: BF2_AF_setup.exe
Size: 200MB
Battlefield 2 Download

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