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Battlefield 1 is an upcoming game in the battlefield series in fact it is the fourteen part of the original series. Battlefield 1 is reported to be released on October 21st 2016. Before we start with the article please witness the trailer of Battlefield 1.

As one can see the Game is set in the era of world war 1 which not alot of genres of first person shooter games are doing now a days. Battlefield 1 will be based on historically accurate events and will feature the battlefield essence of huge maps and a single player that is reported to be immersive and better in every way then the previous battlefield. Battlefield 1 download is available for all players and is exclusive for the visitors of this website. The game will feature full on battle modes such as battle in the trenches and all the authentic weapons of world war 1 such as the flamethrower mustard gas and baron planes.There have been reports of multiple DLC that will be available for download for battlefield 1. The melee system of the game is improved because at that time melee fights between soldiers were common. Along with that the new added features also include the use of the guns of Battleships. The scope of battlefield 1 is huge as there have been immense features added in it that makes the game play of battlefield 1 immersive and gives the feeling of what the soldier of world war 1 felt.

Battlefield 1 is the game changer in the series as it is the first game of the franchise that focuses on old era battles. There are multiple stage settings for battlefield 1 such as  the Deserts the Jungles and also the intense air battles at that time. The use of biological weapons in the game is a real eye opener as it shows how the immersive the game is in terms of reality. The download of battlefield 1 will be provided to the players now.

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