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WOT Download

World of Tanks is a free to play massively multiplayer online game developed by a company called Belarusian-Cypriot. World of tanks is based on tanks and other fighting vehicles from the 20th century and focuses on player vs player setup. There are multiple modes of gameplay in World of Tanks most of which involves fighting against other players in large scale full pc version maps. The concept of world of war is free to play game. This means that the game can be played by anyone but there are transactions in the game that the player can pay for such as new upgrades and new tanks and new fighting vehicles. World of Tanks is available for download for free for PC Playstation 4 and Xbox one.  The game mechanics of World of Tanks are based on a simulation of how tanks would react in combat. There is a variety of ammunition for the tanks to use all of these types have their own distinctive features such as their armor penetration their maximum range their shrapnel spread.

World of Tanks gaming engine has a quite unique feature. This feature allows the engine to calculate how a shot was hit and how the armor reacted. By this the gaming engine calculates the speed of the shell to the angle at which the shell has hit the armor. Then the engine calculates how deep would the shell penetrate the armor and how much spreading of the round occurs when the shell bounces around in the armor. World of Tanks Download is free and full version of the game because of the online content that the player can pay for items.

World of Tanks is a 3rd person and 1st person simulation hybrid in which the player can either use the targeting system of the tank or get in the 3rd person mode the first person mode allows you to snipe tanks while the 3rd person is mostly used for crusing and moving about. World of Tanks download is free and full version with no bloatware in the download of the game.

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WOT Download

WOT Download

World of Tanks Free Download Full Version

Download World of Tanks free. Just click on the Download Button below and download will start. no bloatware and no catch just click download and enjoy. This will download a 4MB file that will be the setup to download the game further.
Filename: WOTsetup.exe
WOT Download

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