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Halo Combat Evolved

Halo Combat Evolved is a first person shooter game that is developed by Bungie Studios and was released for the Xbox and PC in 2005. Halo brings us to the story of a cyborg called Master Chief and along with that he is accompanied by an AI called Cortana who helps him in his journey to find Eponymous a halo that is supposed to be called an artificial world. Halo was the best game voted for the xbox and numerous games remasters have been developed for it and Halo was voted the best first person shooter game ever made. Halo Combat Evolved download has been placed below it is a free full version of the game with direct download. 

Halo Combat Evolved Gameplay

Halo Combat Evolved is a first person shooter game that was rated the best game of its time and was named as the killer app of xbox meaning that it was the only game that destroyed the market for xbox. Halo Combat Evolved is available for download without any hassle. Halo Combat Evolved Gameplay is quite unique in its own category with the addition of health Master Chief has shield which when takes enough damage is turned off and Master Chief is open to damage and after that a few shots will kill him. There are various Download of DLC for Halo Combat Evolved. There are some unique weapons in Halo some of which are the Assault rifle shotgun and some alien weapons. 

Halo Combat Evolved Multiplayer

Halo had a decent multiplayer in its time but due to the Microsoft live services not being up and running just yet so they required a LAN party to play games online.Halo Download is free for players of any age and the game is full version for PC and XBOX one can played using emulator The multiplayer composed of 16 players and there is also a split screen mode in which you can play locally on a single machine.

Halo Combat Evolved Screenshots

Halo Combat Evolved
Halo Combat Evolved

Halo Combat Evolved Download Link

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