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World of Tanks is a MMO aka Massively Multiplayer Online game. World of Tanks takes us to the era of world war 2 in which the world had locked its horns and there were fighting going on everywhere. World of Tanks is developed by a company called Belarusion-Cypriot. World of Tanks is based on the freeium gameplay in which the game is free to play but there are methods in which the player can pay the company for a premium membership or to buy Tanks that can be taken into battle.

      World of Tanks is available for download on the PC Xbox One and the PS4 version of the game was recently launched and are all free to play. World of Tanks have 2 factions. One of them are the Axis and the other are the allies. The Axis teams have tanks of the Axis regime in world war 2 such as Germany Turkey etc and the Allies had the American Tanks and also the British Tanks also the Russian Tanks.

Gameplay of World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a type of game that has multiple viewpoints and this is a hybrid of First Person Shooter and 3rd Person Shooter this is so because the view point is 3rd person when the tank is moving and the aim is to drive and goes to First Person when the tank is in battle mode. World of Tanks Download is available here and the link goes to the original site for free download of the game. World of Tanks has a system in which the working of the tank depends on its essential components such as the engine the transmission the fuel tanks and of course the crew. World of Tanks is free to download and the link provided below will send you to the site of world of tanks for free download.

World of Tanks Gameplay Screenshots

World of Tanks Loadout
World of Tanks PC Download

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File Name:WOTsetup.exe
Version:3.23.0 Latest
Size:4 MB
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