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Warcraft 3 Download Free Full Game is available here. Warcraft 3 download is free for PC. Warcraft 3 is developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The first Warcraft was launched on November 23rd 1994. Warcraft is a strategy game that has 3 sides and each of the sides have their own stories. The 3 sides are Orc,Human and Elves. Each side has their own unique traits. The Orcs are huge and they have increased attack and are hard to kill. While Humans use technology which make them an extremely hard to beat opponent and elves use mother nature as their strength.

Warcraft 3 Download Free Gameplay

Warcraft 3 Download Free Full Game is available to the player this gives the player the chance to play warcraft 3 online free of charge. The gameplay of warcraft 3 is the same as that of any strategy game. The player has a bird eye view of the area and controls the units through the mouse.The player must generate gold from gold mines and in doing so the time ticks and the gold will start to diminish and the player must take care to change the goldmines with time.

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Battle of warcraft
Warcraft 3 battle

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