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Undertale is a role playing independently developed game. Undertale has won the titles of the best game of the year and the best independent game of the year. Undertale soundtrack download is also given here as it is the best soundtrack in any game. Undertale is developed by Toby Fox who is also the lead game designer the script writer and the soundtrack composer for Undertale. Undertale is the best gaming experience a player could have.Undertale Download is free for PC and is linked to the website of Undertale. The background of Undertale is that there is a universe of humans and a universe of monsters and the concept is that underground with respect to humans are monsters and vice versa.

           This puts us in the shoes of a young girl/boy (we are not sure) whose name is Frisk. Frisk is somehow fallen into the underground monster world and he/she tries to find her/his way out of the underground world before the monster gets to her. Frisk encounters different types of monsters who are friendly or dangerous.Soundtrack of Undertale was made by Toby Fox himself. Undertale download is free for PC and Mac OSX. Undertale gives the user mixed signals about the sense of peace and danger in the underground world as you never know who is on your side or who is not. Undertale also has a decision based ending and results of in each aspects of the game.

Undertale Gameplay

Undertale gameplay is like that of a RPG game in which the player must gather items and kill enemies to gain level and gain experience. Undertale Download is posted in the link below which is working. Undertale has some unique aspects such as that the fighting mechanism is that of hit and wait type but during the fighting sequence the player must move its heart away from whats it being thrown at to preserve health.
           Undertale download of soundtracks will be given below as this game has the best sounding soundtracks we have experienced. There are two indication of Frisk like LV and EXP LV stands for Love and EXP is gained by killing monsters each decision and fight of the game effects the ending. 

Undertale Gameplay Screenshots:

Sans and Frisk

Frisk and dog

Undertale Download Link for PC

Filename: Undertalesetup.exe
Size: 25MB Compressed ZIP
Version: 2.0
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Undertale Soundtrack Download Link

Soundtrack Album of Undertale download link is given below.

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