[Tutorial] How to lower cars in GTA 5 FREE


GTA 5 is one of the most widely played games on current PC Xbox and Playstation. GTA 5 broke all records when it was first launched and after that it was one of the best games out there in terms of gameplay story line and graphics.

             GTA 5 was the only game in its series that had a car customization system this was really adored as it made the game a bit more personal. The customization system allowed the players to customize cars to their liking from bulletproofing the car to changing the color of the smoke the tyre made when the player is burning rubber.

             One of the most eye catching and satisfying feature of GTA 5 cars customization is the lowering the car to the ground and the preset lowering is not that satisfying so players have resorted to finding other means to achieve the lowering of their cars. This is the reason for me to write this article for lowering cars on GTA5


Step 1: 

Take any car that you like or the one you have on your GTA Online account. And perform any modification that you would like on it (NOTE: DO NOT APPLY THE BULLETPROOF TYRES THE LOWERING WONT WORK).

Step 2:

Take the car to a secluded place away from any place that will alert the cops of what you will about to do. Apply a silencer to your weapon (i would prefer the AK47 as it is accurate). 

Step 3:

Now the most important part. Aim at the middle of the rim of the car and start shooting. Be careful not to shoot the rim as it will explode the car and do not shoot at the rim after it has stopped dropping as it will start leaking fuel and will render it useless. aim at the rim as shown in the image below.


Step 4:

Enjoy Drifiting in your new lowered car :).


After lowering your car the car will easily slide this will allow you to drift to your heart content.

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