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Gauge showing speed

At shop for PC games we care about gamers and find it annoying that a slow internet speed hinders enjoyment of playing games. Nowadays there are alot of internet providers in the world and all of them have their own standard of allotment of internet speed.
Inter Providers are using marketing techniques to show the customer the amount of internet speed they are getting and giving less speed that is mentioned in the agreement for example. 

            The current speed we have at our office in Shop for PC games is of about 100 MBPS (Mega bit per second) and the downloading speed that we ought to get from this is about 100 mega bytes of downloading. That is not the case because to the naive user and a naive customer when a person realizes that he is getting 100 MBs he thinks its 100 Mega Bytes of speed but in turn the company is providing 100 Mega Bits of speed that is 1/8 of the speed of 100 Mega Bytes. 

With that it has been seen that people after getting connected realizes that the speed they are getting is slow and they want to find out if they are swindled of their money. There is one solution. follow these steps to find out if you are getting the appropriate speeds or not.

How to Check Internet Speed

Step 1:
             Before checking make sure that you have stopped any downloads in your home and make sure that no one else is using the internet while you check your internet speed.

Step 2:
After making all the prepartions discussed in step 1 open this link.

Step 3:
           After opening the link go to settings and from there in the bottom in speed measurement  select either Mega bits or Mega Bytes depending on what your ISP is providing.
 Step 4 :
            Now click on take test and wait for it to load. you will come across a window like this

Speed checker

Step 5
Place the mouse on the arrow in the middle and wait for a popup to appear besides the arrow.

Speed checker

Step 6
Now look for your ISP and click on the name of the isp. afterwards a window will appear and it will show the test being conducted. 

Speed checker

With the results you see you will realize that if your ISP is providing you with the intended speed or not.

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