The Last of Us PC Download

The LAst of us

The Last of Us PC Download

The Last of Us PC Download is available here for free. The Last of us download is for PC PS2 , PS3, PS4. The Last of Us is the best game of 2015 when it was released. The Last of Us is an action adventure horror game that was developed by Naughty Dog Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment .The Last of us is basically set in New York after the devastation of a zombie apocalypse.
                 The Last of Us PC Download works everywhere. The Last of us puts the player in a time where the zombie infestation is contained to some extent and shows how the people are dealing with the problems of surviving.  The Last of us is based upon a zombie apocalypse that is caused by some kind of infestation of plants whose pores go airborne and anyone who inhales it gets infected and turns into a zombie.
                  The Last of Us PC Download is here for free. We are put in the shoes of Joel an average person. Before the apocalypse Joel is a hardworking father with a daughter and his wife is presumed to be dead.   One night Joel gets a visit from his neighbour  who is not acting normal Joel tries to stop him but shoots him when he does not listen. After the start of the zombie apocalypse Joel while trying to survive encounters a girl named Ellie and his objective becomes to bring Ellie to a group named the fireflies.

The Last of Us Gameplay

The Last of us PC download is easy to follow and install. Last of Us is a third person view game with the Health bar located in the bottom left part of the screen and there is a stamina bar besides the health bar. The Last of Us allows the players to make weapons health items from different materials found through out the game. Weapons are also available but due to the apocalypse there is scarcity of ammo and materials. The Last of Us PC download is below this section.

The Last Of Us Screenshots

Joel fights zombies
Joel Shoots Clicker

The Last Of Us PC Download Link

Filename: The-last-of-us-setup.exe
Size: 20 GB
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