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5 characters of Resident evil 6

Resident Evil 6 PC Download is free and the link is given below.Resident Evil 6 is an action adventure horror game that is known as Biohazard in Japan. Resident Evil 6 is the 6th installment if the Resident Evil Series. Resident Evil 6 download is available for download on PC PS4 ,PS3, PS2 ,Xbox and Xbox 360. Resident Evil 6 brings the story of Umbrella Corp after they released a virus that eventually turned everyone to zombies. We are put in the shoes of 5 different characters each having their own stories and each of these 5 characters are playable.

Resident Evil 6 PC Gameplay

Resident Evil 6 PC Gameplay is that of a third person shooter and when aiming the player zooms in on the target. There is the standard health bar located in the bottom left corner of the screen with the middle of the health bar there is the details of the ammo of the current equipped weapon. The player must store weapons ammo herbs to restore health in its case and the storage system of the game is like that of the old Resident Evil games. The story revolves around 5 characters each linking to each other one way or another.  The story shifts after certain time in the story. Resident Evil 6 PC download is free and also for PC PS4 ,PS3, PS2 ,Xbox and Xbox 360.

Resident Evil 6 Screenshots

Leon fighting zombies
leon fighting boss zombie

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