Need for Speed Underground 2 Free Download Full Version

Need for speed underground 2

Need for Speed Underground 2 or NFS Underground 2 Free Download Full Version is available here for download. Need for Speed Underground is available for PC PS2 PS3 HD Remastered PS4,Xbox,Xbox 360. Need for Speed Underground was developed by EA Blackbox and published by EA in 2003. Need for Speed Underground was the 7th installment in the Need For Speed series. Need for Speed allowed gamers to play from a series of cars that were popular in the time. The most played car was the Nissan 200 SX and the Honda Civic RS.

Need for Speed Underground 2 Gameplay 

Like other racing game Need for Speed Underground 2 has the same game play mechanics.The speedometer is in the bottom left corner with the speed revs. The new added feature in Need for Speed Underground was the NOS also called Nitro by some gamers, it allowed a sudden burst of acceleration when NOS was applied. Vehicles in Need for Speed Underground 2 can be modded by the player and offered a range of customization feature in the game. Download Need for Speed Underground 2 for free from the link below.

Need for Speed Underground 2 Screenshots

Racing cars nitro

Nissan 350Z racing

Need for Speed Underground 2 Song Album Download Link

Need for Speed Underground 2 Album was one of the most listened soundtrack in the game, Songs such as Al Capone Lean back etc. Here at Shop for PC Games we provide to our visitors the best we can. Need for Speed Underground 2 download link is available here.

01-snoop dogg ft the doors - riders on the storm(fredwreck remix)-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download8.13 MB
02-capone - i need speed-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download4.24 MB
03-chingy - i do-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download5.15 MB
04-sly boogy - thatz my name-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download4.77 MB
05-xzibit - lax-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download4.92 MB
06-terror squad - lean back-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download5.42 MB
07-fluke - switch twitch-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download7.27 MB
08-christopher lawrence - rush hour-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download5.42 MB
09-felix da housecat - rocket ride(soulwax remix)-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download4.82 MB
10-sin - hard ebm-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download6.00 MB
11-freeland - mind killer(jagz kooner remix)-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download9.30 MB
12-paul van dyk - nothing but you(cirrus remix)-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download6.58 MB
13-sonic animation - e ville-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download7.76 MB
14-killing joke - the death and resurrection show-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download7.34 MB
15-rise against - give it all-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download4.33 MB
16-killradio - scavenger.mp3Download4.33 MB
17-the bronx - notice of eviction-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download4.26 MB
18-ministry - no w-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download5.03 MB
19-queens of the stoneage - in my head-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download6.10 MB
20-mudvayne - determined-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download4.60 MB
21-septembre - i am weightless-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download3.28 MB
22-helmet - crashing foreign cars-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download4.63 MB
23-cirrus - back on a mission-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download5.46 MB
24-spiderbait - black betty-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download5.25 MB
25-skindred - nobody-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download5.40 MB
26-snapcase - skeptic-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download4.89 MB
27-unwritten law - the celebration song-ost-2004-djn.mp3Download6.64 MB

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