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Here at shop for pc games we have mini games free download. We have made a collection of Mini Games Free for download by searching the internet for people who wants to play games and throw the boredom away. The games we have compiled have been tested by the our people and have found them to throw all the boredom away by playing them. Mini Games are free to download here.

Mini Games List

1- 8 Ball Pool

If you own a smartphone then chances are that you have heard about this Mini Clip game. This Mini Clip Game allows the player to take part in an 8 Ball Pool match. The game shows over the top view of the table and the stick is placed the on the table and a marker shows the strike of the ball. Here is the link to play online for free.

8 Pool Logo

2-Stealth Sniper 2

Stealth Sniper 2 is a Mini Clip game that is made using flash. Mini Clip Games free download for visitors. Stealth Sniper 2 puts us in the boots of John Conner a soldier in Afghanistan. The aim of the game is to shoot as many bad guys as you can without getting killed. There is limited ammo and limited life. so everything counts. Click here to play
Sniper ready to fire

 3- Bowling King

Bowling King is a game that is based upon bowling. The objective of the game is to play bowling and score as much strikes as you possibly can. There are other game modes that allow the player to compete in a Bowling King Championship. The game is really fun to play and is hours and hours and hours of fun. Click here to play the game
Bowling King logo

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