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Minecraft Free Download PC for free on this site. Minecraft Free Download is the most popular game for PC. Minecraft is a sandbox game that allows player to create different structures from different blocks. The extent of creativity on Minecraft is so much that it allows the creation of logic gates and people have created proper working computers in the game. There are different kinds of blocks in the game such as the sand,metal,diamond,wood etc.

Minecraft Gameplay Details

Minecraft Free Download PC is a standard first person type gameplay. The players health is shown by hearts in the lower bottom corner each heart has 2 health one is half a heart and one is a full heart and in the middle of the screen there is a rectangle which shows the inventory and any item that is picked up is placed in here. The health is refreshed by hunting animals and eating their meat. There are two gameplay types. The first one is Survival mode and the second one is Sandbox mode. The Survival mode allows the player to gather material in the day time but at night demons come out and attack the player. in sandbox mode the player is free to do anything he/she wants and is given all the materials for it.Minecraft Free Download PC link is available here. Minecraft Free Download is also available on PS3.PS4,Xbox,Xbox 360,Iphone and android.

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Minecraft gameplay
Minecraft gameplay mountain climbing
Minecraft dungeon

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Filename: Minecraftsetup.exe
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