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MAG 2 Squad Pose

MAG also known as Massive Action Game was developed for Playstation 3 or PS3 by Zipper Interactive. MAG was the only game that feature a massive online only-multiplayer game mode that allowed players to compete online. The game was announced on 2008 on E3 and was released on 2010 in North America.

Massive Action Game Gameplay

Massive Action Game is a first person shooter game that is designed for massive online multiplayer. The aim of the game is 256 online players competing with each other. With 4 person in each squad and 3 squad making a platoon and 2 platoons making a company and the player leading the company platoon or the squad were those who ranked on top of the games ranking system.
                MAG allowed each player to reach a level of 70 in each faction and after that they were asked to keep the level and stop there or to achieve the veteran level which made the level go down to 0 and start over again with a special symbol that showed the level of player.

MAG is a superb game with great ambitions but due to some reasons the game could not be continued due to the huge amount of cost that comes with handling the server trying to host that amount of players and stats.

Massive Action Game Reviews

    As we have seen that the game recieved positive reviews and was considered quite a great game.

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