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IGI which is an acronym for Im Going In is a first person action game made by inner loop studios. IGI download is free here. IGI puts us in the shoes of Jones a special agent that is sent on a series of mission to find a renowned terrorist who is most wanted in the CIA list. The terrorists name is Jach Priboi. Jones infiltrates the base of Jach Priboi and tries to capture him by overcoming hardships and fighting through his base. After capturing him Jones extracts him and is taking him by chopper and shortly after the Russians shoot down the plane and Jones finds himself agains Ekk a Russian female leader. IGI Game Download for PC is highly compressed and is easy to download and install.

IGI Game Play

IGI is first person shooter so basically Jones is equipped with SAS tactical equipment which includes weapons that he has in the start of every game. The weapons include a dagger a glock 18 and an MP5 submachinegun. In the bottom left of the screen there is a magazine that shows the amount of bullets left for a weapon and in the bottom right there is the health bar which shows the health of Jones. IGI download is free and available for PC.

IGI Screenshots

Jones holding M14
Tank Hanger

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