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Horror Games Free Download for PC is available here. Horror games are those that put the players on the edge of the seat. Here at Shop for PC games we will provide the list of Horror games that are free to download for PC,Xbox, xbox 360, PS2 , PS3, PS4. Free Download games are for people who need to play games in their past time and enjoy without spending any money. The list of our top 3 horror games are as below.

3rd- Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 is the six installment of the Resident Evil series. Resident Evil 6 is 3rd in our list because the gameplay is exceptional along with a great story line. Resident Evil 6 is a 3rd person action adventure horror game. 
             Resident Evil 6 Download is free for download because this is what we do here. Resident Evil 6 scary because of the improved graphics that give a feel of mayhem and the feeling of doom and the fear of zombies at each turn. Resident Evil 6 is great in itself because its download is available for Download for PC,Xbox, xbox 360, PS2 , PS3, PS4. 
             Resident Evil 6 has 5 characters that you can play from and each character has a different story and is linked to one result.

Resident Evil 6 Free Download Link

File name: Residentevilsetup.exe
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2nd Silent Hill Shattered memories

Silent Hill Shattered memories is a horror game that is developed by Capcom Entertainment. Silent Hill Shattered memories is available for download for free by using the tags PC,Xbox, xbox 360, PS2 , PS3, PS4. Silent Hill Shattered memories is a 3rd Person psychological thriller and horror game. 
                 The game involves the player been put in a fictional town by the name of Silent Hill. The city is possessed by evil and there is fog all the time over the town. This adds the effect of horror in the game. Download Silent Hill Shattered memories from the link below.

Silent Hill Shattered memories Download Link

Filename: Silenthillpcdownload.exe
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 1st The Thing

The Thing is the most horror game we have played here at shop for PC games. The Thing was developed for the tags of PC, Xbox, PS2, and Gameboy which is free for download. The Thing revolves around a base in the north pole where a couple of scientists are having an expedition where they are working. 
             After some time they get a news report saying they find an anomaly in the snow there. They uncover it to find a block of ice in which there is an alien frozen inside. They bring it to their base and there things start to go bad. The Thing is free for download for PC Xbox PS2 and gameboy.  

The Thing Free Download Link

Filename: thingsetupfile.exe
size: 1GB
version: 2.30.4

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