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As gamers we all have encountered errors in our gaming careers. Most of these errors are from Direct X and we would spend all the time searching on how to fix the errors. Direct X 12 ships for different architecture PC such as the 32bit and 64bit versions. Shop for PC games will make this easy for all of you gamers out there as we will be providing our visitors with the download of Direct X 12 Free for any windows such as Windows 10, Windows 98, Windows Vista,Windows XP etc. Direct X 12 is a software that are called Application Programming Interfaces also known as APIs these are codes that are created to handle multimedia applications such as Games Videos Music etc.
Direct X error dialogue box
The dreaded Direct X error

Direct X 12 (32bit and 64bit) is free to download for our loyal visitors at shop for PC games. Direct X was previously named Direct but after addition of more API the names became bigger like Direct3D,DirectPlay, DirectMusic, DirectDraw, DirectSound but that changed because there were more development into the Direct X series so they needed to make it named so that each Direct is related to all so they named it Direct X. X being any named API.

Direct X 12 is easy to download as it is a system software that aids in playing PC games and can be used by media players to decode the audio and video codecs. Direct X 12 is free for windows and download is easily achieved.

We will also be showing how to properly install Direct X 12 because incorrect installation will corrupt the previous Direct X and will render everything useless.

Direct X 12 Download free Screenshots

Game window with fps
Direct X 12 vs Direct X 11

Game preview for direct x 12
Unreal Engine on direct X 12

Direct X 12 Download Link Free 32 bit and 64 bit

32 bit
Size: 89MB
Version: 2,0

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64 bit
Size: 100MB
Version: 2,2

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