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Contra Game Free Download is available here. Contra is a Japanese game made by Konami. It was first released on the SNES systems. Contra game is a type of run and gun shoot em ups. Contra is a japanese name that is given to a soldier who has superhuman abilities like possessing unlimited stamina and also the soldier who is great in Gorilla Tactics. Contra game free download is for people who wants to start playing the game just for nostalgic purposes.

Contra Game Free Gameplay

Contra game free download is without a hassle here at shop for pc games. Contra game has a run and gun type of gameplay where the character dies with one shot from the enemy like in real life. In Contra the character encounters aliens in his path and killing them releases these power ups that upgrades the weapon of the character thus improving chances of killing the aliens.Contra game free download is easy to follow just click on the link and the download will begin.

Contra Game Series

There have been a number of releases of Contra games which shows the popularity of the game. Contra Game was the game which launched the Konami Studios. The series of games of Contra are below.

  • Contra 
  • Super Contra 
  • Operation C 
  • Contra III: The Alien Wars 
  • Contra Force 
  • Contra: Hard Corps 
  • Contra: Legacy of War 
  • C: The Contra Adventure 
  • Contra: Shattered Soldier 
  • Neo Contra 
  • Contra 4  
  • Contra ReBirth (downloadable for Wii) 
  • Hard Corps: Uprising 
  • Contra: Evolution 
  • Contra 3D 

Contra Game Free Download Screenshots

Contra soldier fighitng
Contra Soldier firing

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