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Construction Simulator 2014 is a 3rd person simulation game that allows the player to construct different buildings and construction projects. Construction Simulator 2014 Download is available here which links to the original website. Construction Simulator 2014 was developed by a German Company Astragon. Astragon is a pioneer in simulation software. They have developed games such as Street Cleaner Simulator and Family Park Tycoon. Construction Simulator starts with a basic heavy machinery and after finishing the tutorial the player is given the option to choose contracts. After the game starts the player is given control of a machine and the objectives are given and it must be completed in given time to achieve the goal and penalties are recorded when there is damage to the material or the building.

Construction Simulator 2014 Gameplay

Construction Simulator 2014 gameplay is a multiple viewed game. Which means that there can be multiple viewpoints in the game that allows the player to view the task at hand freely. Construction Simulator 2014 has a built in timer in which the player must finish the task. If the task is not completed by then. The player is put in a penalty and the player loses the objective. 

Construction Simulator 2014 Screenshot

Heavy Machinery
Heavy Machinery

Construction Simulator 2014 Download Link

Filename: CS2014setup.exe
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