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Shadow of the Colossus is a game available for download here.Shadow of the Colossus PC is the HD remake of the game on Sony Playstation 2 and the game is highly popular among gamers as the best japanese adventure game of the era. The game consists of a player who is viewed from third person and his companion who is also a horse. The objective of the game is to defeat towering collossuses in a far away land and combine their life energy to wake up the loved one of the main character.

Shadow of The Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is developed by ICO a division of Sony Entertainment. The story is that our character is called Wander who is trying to save the life of a girl name Mono. Mono was sacrificed because it was believed that she was cursed. Wander tries to save the girl by fighting Giant Colossi each having different character and different personality and has different fighting style. The unique thing about the game is that it does not have any other enemy throughout the game. The game mechanics are the best of the time.

Shadow of The Colossus HD remake

There was an HD remake of Shadow of the Colossus developed by Bluepoint games, which was available on the Playstation 3. The textured were HD and the overall resolution was increased to 720p at 30 FPS the game ran smooth on the ps3 and the clear textures were and added advantage to the player

Shadow of the Colossus review

Shadow of the Colossus was an instant hit!. the game recieved critical acclaim such as the game of the year award and several others. The gamers felt a connection with the characters and each boss battle was a unique experience there have been countless petitions to remake the game for Playstaion 4 and also a Shadow of the Colossus 2.

 Shadow of the Colossus Screenshots

Shadow of the colossus free download Playstation 2
Shadow of the colossus free download playstation 3 HD remake
Shadow of the colossus free download playstation 3 HD remake

Shadow of the Colossus Download Link

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