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Deadpool is a game that is available on platforms such as Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox and Microsoft Windows. Deadpool is a Marvel character. Deadpool is a mercenary whose name is Wade Wilson.Wade Wilson was recruited in the Weapon X program after he was diagnosed with cancer. He was reluctant to join the program but the love of his life convinces him to join the program. After being subjected to torture for the mutation that will heal him to take effect, Wade body deformed and gave him powers such as super human regenerative abilities and also the ability to grow limbs.

Deadpool ( video game)

Deadpool (video game) is based in the scenario in which deadpool wants a game of his own after convincing a game developer to make the game (which he does not). Deadpool resorts to what he does best C4. The game portray deadpool flawlessly and the game shows deadpool and the voices in his head being in different scenarios and the quest of deadpool for his own game.

Deadpool Gameplay

Deadpool is a 3rd person genre and the gaming engine used is the Unreal Engine 3. The game has different modes of combat from firearms to swords, The armament is used to take down enemies and to achieve objectives which moves the plot forward. 

Deadpool Screenshots

Deadpool pc download hd wallpapers

Deadpool pc download hd wallpapers

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