Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines Free PC Download

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is a free PC Downloadable game available here. Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is a stealth strategy game that was created by Eidos Interactive. Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is set in world war 2 when the germans were in power and a group of Commandos were sent Behind Enemy Lines to infiltrate the german ranks and complete their objectives.

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines Overview

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines was released on Microsoft PC and Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox. The game was really well made and the gameplay and graphics were smooth. Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is availble for free on PC and the download link is on the bottom of the page.

The player has control of 4 Commandos each commando has a different load of arsenal and each has his unique capabilities. Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines features a no save feature meaning that if any one of your commando is killed the game is over and you have to start all over again. This kind of gameplay is rewarding.

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines gameplay

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is overview type gameplay with characters at the bottom the player controls the character with a mouse and each character has his knapsack in the bottom right corner with different tools and weapons at your disposal.

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines Screenshots

Commandos download for pc freeCommandos download for pc free
Commandos download for pc free

Commandos:Behind Enemy Lines Download Link

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