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Angry Birds is a Free Game download available here, Angry Birds was the most popular game available on handheld devices and PC and consoles it is developed by a Finnish development studio named Rovio. The game was launched on December 2009 mainly for IOS devices and soon it became popular and was available for other devices aswell. This was the start of the Angry Birds phenomenan that griped the entire gaming community and users of Handheld Devices, There were plenty of games that were made like Angry Birds for users.

Angry Birds Game Free Download Gameplay

Angry Birds Game Free Download is unique from other sites. Angry Birds consists of a bunch of birds that are angry when a group of pigs steal their eggs and the birds uses their own bodies to throw themselves at the pigs who are stacked in convenient places. The objective of the game is to destroy as many pigs as possible, You can use the environment to your advantage to get as many pigs as possible in as little tries as possible.

Angry Birds Game Expansion packs

Angry Birds Game Free Download of Expansion Packs are available here. There are dozens of Expansion pack of Angry birds which are based on different popular media cultures, such as star wars etc. Angry Birds Game Free download is the best for Angry Birds lover.

Angry Birds Screenshots

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