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Amnesia is available here for download and it is free.Amnesia also known as Amnesia The Dark Descent is a PC game that has caused widespread stir in the gaming world and is rumored to be the most scary PC game in the world. The games dark atmosphere and the ever present feeling of someone following you or watching you is always present and this causes the player to experience that unique gameplay experience of Amnesia. The download is completely free here.

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Amnesia download is safe for all PCs.Amnesia gameplay is kind of like a standard first person shooter but its not a shooting genre. In Amnesia there are no weapons the player is equipped with only a lantern and can pick up objects in the environment but only they can be used for distracting the monster or just by throwing it around. We are a guy named josh that has erased his own memory to stop him from commitng a crime and he wakes up to a letter in his hand written by him to himself after he has lost his ability to remember.The objective of the game is to find the monster that is living in the castle.

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Amnesia wallpapers

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