Max Payne 3 Free PC Download

Max Payne 3 free PC Download

Max Payne 3 developed by Remedy Studios and published by Rockstars Studios. The  game is the 3rd installment of the Max Payne franchise. Max Payne is available for free download on PC. The game is centered upon Max Payne a detective who lost his wife and child in a burglary incident, During the first cut scenes the plot is further released showing that the thugs who murdered his family were after some drugs called Valkyr. This leads Max to go deep in the investigation and to find out who was involved in the drugs case which lead to the demise of his family.

Max Payne 2: The Fall Of Max Payne

Max Payne 2: The Fall Of Max Payne is the 2nd installment of the games series, in this installment max joins Mona Sax, Previous partner of Max Payne who died in the previous game. This time Max saw Mona being hunted by Russian hitmen from the cleaner company and Max tries to help her escape successfully and after that they join forces to take out Vladmir who is in charge of the Cleaner Company. Max Payne is available for free download on PC free Full Version.
Max Payne 2 Free Pc download

Max Payne 3  

Max Payne 3 is the new installment of the series. This game is is from a time when max payne is dismissed from the NYPD and he hangs out on a bar, he is approached by a mob boss for a job which max turns down the job, after returning to his home he is confronted by the mobsters son and max goes into the fight with his son and he kills him and in return the mobster places a hit on him. This makes Max fight the bad guys to save his life. Max Payne is available for free download.

Max payne 3 gameplay


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