Crysis 3 PC Download

Crysis 3 free pc download

Crysis 3 the pc game of the century!. Crysis 3 is available for download for free on PC. Crysis 3 is made by Crytek. It was mainly developed for Playstation 3 Xbox 360 and PC. The game is made on the CryEngine 3 with this engine the game looks stunning with gorgeous visuals of the terrain and the nano suit to all the details in the enviornment, With that the games physics are really awesome aswell.

Crysis 3 continues the story after the events of Crysis 2 in which Prophet fights the Sephs and uses his nano suit to fight the aliens and saves the world from destruction. The rest of the plot is not being revealed as the game would be ruined for the player.


Crysis 1

Crysis 1 the game that was the first game developed by Crytek. This game was the best game of its decade and this game had the best visuals of that time. It was so resource hungry that at that time Crysis 1 was used for PC benchmarking and the Playstation 3 version of the game unlocked an achievement when the game was started.

This game circles around a team of men wearing nano suits that enhances all of the sense of humans. This was achieved through nano machines. The downside is that once the nano suit is attached it wont come unless the pilot of the suit is skinned. The story starts when a group of nano suit wearing commandos are dispatched on an island to investigate terrorist activities. To their surprise there happens to be an alien ship there that unleashes hoards of aliens to destroy humans.

Crysis 1 download for pc

Crysis 2

Crysis 2 the 2nd installment of the game also developed by Crytek and published by EA games. Crysis 1 was an open world kind of game in which the player can roam around the map regardless of following the objectives or not, even the seas are open for exploration. but in Crysis 2 the game is more or less of a rail game(games which are pointed towards one direction). Even though the game is not open world but it makes up for the story the game is awesome, in Crysis 1 the aliens were in an island but this time the aliens have attacked the city now its upto prophet to save the earth from destruction.



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