IGI 1 Free Download Full Version PC Game

igi 1 free download pc game

Free download full version game called as IGI 1 which is given a subtitle of I'm Going In for PC. It is a first person shooter video game which was made in year of 2000. This is a first game in the history of shooting games which showed new paths to the people and showed the developers of the games that how they can build featured games for the users. Project IGI I is said to be the famous most game of ever time. It was made to be played on Microsoft Windows (PC) and was given for free to download on the web. It was distributed as a CD and DVD optical disks also and it was single player game which was set on the war against terror. It is best game for the players who want to have fun of gaming.

Screen Shots

igi 1 im going in free download full version
igi 1 i m going in free download full version pc game
igi i game download for free
igi 1 i m going in full version game for pc

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System Requirements of Project IGI 1

Speed of RAM: 0.512 GB
Speed of Processor: 2.6 GHZ
Speed of VGA: 0.128 GB
Type of Operating system: Win 7, 8, XP, Vista, 98

Details of IGI I'M Going In

Version of Game: I
Developers of Game: Code masters
License of Games: Free to Play Demo

IGI 1 Free Download Full Version PC Game

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