Freedom Fighters PC Game Free Download

freedom fighters free download pc game

Freedom Fighters is a well known fighter game which comes in the genre of first person shooting and stealth video games. This is a PC game basically but it could also be played on PlayStation, Xbox and Mobile phones. It is free to download on Microsoft Windows and it can also be played for free on XP, Windows 7 and Win 8. In Freedom Fighters the EA games have introduced a unique system of shooting. In this game the player can recruit fighters beneath him and can command over them. The game sets back in the era of war where the players characters are made on the persons who provoked against the invaders to defend their land and cities. The whole game is very fantastic and is very amazing to play.

Screen Shots

download freedom fighters game
download freedom fighters game
freedom fighters gameplay for free
free download freedom fighters game for pc

Free PC Game to Download

System Requirements of Freedom Fighters

Speed of RAM: 0.256 GB
Speed of Processor: 1.8 GHZ
Speed of VGA: 0.64 GB
Type of Operating system: Win 7, 8, XP, Vista, 98

Details of PC Game

Version of Game: I
Developers of Game: EA Games
License of Games: Free to Play Demo

Freedom Fighters PC Game Free Download

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